The $399 Oculus Quest is finally back in stock on Amazon as Facebook and Sony are increasing game hardware production. Facebook is pushing for a 50% increase from a year ago for its VR devices, pushing production to 2 million units. Sony is increasing production plans for the PlayStation 5 to around 9 million units, from the roughly 6 million units it had planned in spring.

Last week Linden Labs was acquired by an investment group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager. There are still some regulatory hurdles remaining as Second Life has a bank, so transactions are subject to review. It seems like CEO Ebbie Alterberg still has a job. So maybe it’s simply a matter of swapping VC for Equity Investors, and nothing else changes. I guess founder Philip Rosedale gets a few more motorcycles. 

TeamViewer purchasing Ubimax for 136.5 million euros.  They X-Picked themselves a winner (X Pick being one of Ubimax’s key products 😉

Zoom expands into hardware. Zoom will soon be shipping a new Zoom For Home device, a 27-inch touchscreen display with three wide-angle cameras that comes with Zoom pre-installed. The device was conceived in partnership with DTEN and is available for pre-order for $599 with the first units shipping in August. 

Jio Tesseract announces JioGlass mixed reality glasses. The MR glasses connect to a smartphone via USB-C and look similar to Nreal’s attempt at stylish frames. The Jio group is India’s largest player in the mixed reality space. Google recently announced a $4.5 billion dollar investment in the company, as well as an investment from Facebook.

ShoduJio Glass And The Android of Augmented Reality | Shodu

Voodle launches tiktok style app for the workplace. The Voodle app allows co-workers to send short videos to each other similar to social platforms like Snapchat or TikTok.Video(Vimeo):

DreamWorld AR has crowdfunded nearly $200k so far for plug and play 4K AR glasses. Earlier this week, DreamWorld AR launched an Indiegogo campaign for its DreamGlass 4K AR glasses that act as a large portable 4K TV that can connect to most any living room device, game console, or PC. Their previous product, DreamGlass Air, was successfully funded to the tune of $1 million in crowdfunding last year. You can pre-order the new 4K version on the Indiegogo page starting at $379.

ENGAGE VR education and corporate training platform is now available on mobile devices. Attendees can now join virtual events hosted on the platform via VR and mobile devices. More from CEO David Whelan. 

The Virtual Beings Summit took place this week. 

Pico announced two new 3DoF VR headsets. The two new headsets, the G2 “4K S” and G2 “4K” Enterprise, include a larger battery, more internal storage, and a PU material meant for easier sanitation. The “4K S” model is available now for $375, while the Enterprise model will be available in Q3 for $450.

Snap announces new Yellow Collabs program for companies aiming to integrate with the Snap platform. The program is focused around many of the new features announced at the recent Snap Partner Summit and lasts 13 weeks. From September 21 – December 18 2020 participating companies will work closely with Snap to create new integrations using the platform. Applications for Yellow Collabs open Monday morning at 6am PST via this link.

Snoop Dogg gets the AR treatment on the 19 Crimes Cali Red wine bottle. The AR activation was created by Tactic on the Living Wine Labels app. 

Mojo Vision shared a report on the spike in consumer technology adoption during COVID. Some highlights include 53% of correspondents said they started using virtual communications tools and services during the pandemic, and 76% of First Adopters and 41% of Later Adopters said they are likely to continue buying and trying new devices, apps or technology- driven services once the COVID-19 crisis subsides. 

Fun Spot amusement park builders partner with VRStudios. The partnership includes a new 2-8 player VR experience Fun Spot intends to integrate into their amusement park repertoire. 

Cleanbox has collaborated with VRstudios to provide best practice guidelines for hygiene and decontamination procedures during COVID. The aim is to help location-based entertainment companies with VR attractions understand ways to reopen safely, and give their customers confidence through a vetted sanitization process. This guide is based on data and science from independent lab testing, CDC and EPA guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for the safe use of XR in attractions operations. 

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