I’ve been among the most spirited gamers hoping for a return of a boxing video game, so it was great to see EA UFC 4 include Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in their roster. It’s not boxing, but it’s probably the next best thing for fans of the sweet science.

While having the two heavyweight champions of the world in the game is great, I couldn’t help but notice a peculiar difference in Fury and Joshua’s chin ratings.

If you take a look at Fury’s health ratings, which include Cardio, Chin, Body, Legs and Recovery, the reigning WBC Heavyweight Champion has a 93 rating in the chin category. That’s decent, as it relates to the game’s roster ratings. However, it’s a bit hard to understand when compared to Joshua’s rating in the same category.

Joshua’s chin rating is a 97, which is not only a higher mark than Fury and notoriously rugged heavyweights like Daniel Cormier, it’s the highest grade in the game at heavyweight.

I’m a huge Joshua fan, but this doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Joshua has not only been knocked out during his career by Andy Ruiz back in 2019, but he has been dropped by Wladimir Klitschko, and hurt on other occasions against fighters like Dillian Whyte.

Those instances alone would seemingly make him unfit for a higher chin rating than Fury, let alone the best mark in the game.

Fury has never lost a fight. He has been down, and it’s been his ability to rise off the canvas that would seemingly give him the edge in chin over Joshua. No boxing fan will ever forget the way Fury rose from the deck twice against Deontay Wilder in the rivals’ first meeting to earn a draw before scoring a definitive TKO victory back in February over the Bronze Bomber.

Any man who survives two knockdowns from Wilder deserves a significant chin rating in any video game, and most certainly a higher rating than Joshua.

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