It has been a year when many of us have travelled only through Netflix shows and internet searches. And growing up with intrepid Lebanese parents, London-based dentist Dr Rhona Eskander travelled constantly and herein shows-off her wanderlust.

This summer you managed to steal away to… Mykonos. This is one of the most magical islands in the world. For me the Bohemian beach vibe paired with the tribal music makes me feel at home every time.

I also love Beruit—the Paris of the Middle East and my home country. I was lucky enough to visit it before the terrible events this year. 

Your favourite way to travel there is… By plane. If only I could swim there that would be fabulous.

Your favourite place to stay is…Cavo Tagoo. It has breathtaking sunset views and an amazing infinity pool. And if in Lebanon—Le Gray. It has a gorgeous rooftop infinity pool with an incredible view of the coast.

Your ideal travel companions are… My partner and my sister. We are all thrill seekers: bungee jumping, skydiving. We love to try it all. Adrenaline is our friend. Skydiving actually helped me overcome anxiety.

When You’re in the mood for room service… My favourite order is a Greek salad. I genuinely rarely have bad cravings, as I have been so used to being healthy my whole life.

Your on-the-go dental routine is… Parla toothpaste tabs. These eco-friendly tabs are so easy to use on the go. They also comply with liquid travel restrictions.

Your perfect way to de-stress is… To get a full body massage. I adore being by the ocean and could swim for hours or walk along the beach forever too. 

Your suitcase must absolutely contain… Fabulous and extravagant outfits. I love to get dressed up!

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