While all eyes are on Pfizer, Moderna and other global pharmaceutical companies as they work to develop an approved Covid19 vaccine that will allow the world to finally get back to some sense of normal. Superyacht shipyards, charter brokers, airlines, experiential travel companies, luxury resorts have been preparing to handle the pent up demand to travel, relax and escape the stress that’s come from dealing with a global pandemic for most of the year.

And while many yacht owners and charterers have been social distancing while staying close to home during the pandemic, now that America’s Cup racing about to kick off in Auckland, (New Zealand has taken significant measures to insure Covid19 stays in check) later this month, the gravitational pull of the world’s most historic yacht race is sure to attract some of the world’s largest yachts that will come for the racing but also to explore the amazing area around the Cup defenders country as well as the Great Barrier Reef off neighboring Australia.

And the good news for yacht owners and captains is that Rivergate Marina  & Shipyard, one of the largest superyacht hubs on the east coast of Australia is expanding.

“We know that there is substantial pent-up demand among superyacht owners to visit our region which is currently hampered by the lack of adequate lifting, repair and refit facilities,” said Rivergate Director Tom Hill.

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard provides fulltime project managers for all refit and repair services. This includes the management of qualified onsite contractors in all specialist aspects of superyacht maintenance. Our refit team focuses on the complete management of your project including detailed planning, budgeting and technical design to facilitate a seamless successful maintenance period.

“The world is experiencing a superyacht building boom and the average size of these vessels is also increasing, so the expansion of Rivergate is ideally timed,” he said.

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