Thanks to Google’s latest app update owners of the latest Pixel smartphones can now take back control of one of the phone’s best features.

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The most recent version of Google’s camera app adds a new option to permanently disable Auto Night Sight mode, meaning users who wish to override it no longer have to remember to turn it off manually.

The new feature applies to Google’s latest Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G smartphones on which Night Sight has, until now, triggered automatically in dark shooting conditions. This latest change allows users to turn the feature off permanently where previously it would have turned itself back on every time the camera app was launched.

Google’s much-copied Night Sight feature pioneered the use of computational photography to deliver high-quality images, even in the darkest of environments.  However, while Night Sight is often the best option for taking photos in the dark, it takes longer to process each image, requires the phone to be held steady for longer and can sometimes produce images that look somewhat over-processed and unnatural.  What’s worse is that Night Sight would sometimes be turned on automatically when there was seemingly enough light for a normal photo.

The ability to turn Night Sight on or off manually gives users full control over when the feature is to be used and causes the new Pixel models to function in a similar manner to older-generation Pixels which don’t have the Auto Night Sight feature.

To make use of the new feature, you’ll need Google Camera version 8.1.200 which should be available to you soon via the Google Play store.

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