I’m just going to come out and say it. Royal Huisman’s sleek new 192-footer, PHI is going to be something special. But then again, since Royal Huisman has a well-earned reputation for building some of world’s most notable large sailing superyachts, it comes as no surprise that they’ve been able to explore, develop, optimize and execute ideas from an owner, designer and naval architects that have resulted in an inspired new motor yacht.

Designer Cor D. Rover was responsible for PHI’s general concept, exterior design & interior layout. “Rather than just building a large yacht on a so-called shipyard ‘platform’ to enjoy the pleasures of being at sea,” he says. “The Owner wanted to build a yacht with a profound underlying story, a deep-rooted knowledge that runs through all aspects of the yacht, from her exterior appearance all the way to internal experience. After a lot of internal deliberations at our studio, exploring numerous concepts, we discovered the rich and detailed story behind the Greek symbol—PHI).

“Evidence of this is all around us. The more you study, for example, growth sequences in nature, the more amazed you become. The perfect mathematical way that a Nautilus shell or a Sunflower grows is truly amazing. Some call it coincidence, others call it natural evolution, I, being a spiritual person, will definitely call it ‘Divine’.

“Although a motor yacht of this size looks pretty large in a building hall or marina, it seems less so when you are in the middle of the ocean. With the endless galaxy above you, the vast water surface – sometimes calm and friendly, sometimes brutal and violent – around you, and beneath your feet, the little explored and mysterious sub-aquatic world, the overwhelming magnitude of nature and natural forces can make any sailor feel pretty small and humble. This formed the basis for our design philosophy.

“We wanted the upper deck, where the owner has his penthouse apartment, to be closest to the skies, to follow the PHI philosophy with a focus on the galaxy. The main deck, where most daytime guest activities happen, has a more horizontal focal connection with the ocean surface, whereas the lower deck, physically rooted in the water, is strongly ‘connected’ with the underwater-world.

“The more we see PHI come alive, the more I am convinced that only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch, and Royal Huisman is the epitome of this watchmaker’s skill.”

PHI has been designed to be extremely fuel efficient. While the patented DEPP swimming pool, that turns into a sealed tank and visa-versa at the touch of a button, is efficient in a slightly different way. The pool’s design allows guests to play a game on top of covered (and sealed) pool, then be swimming within minutes when the pool cover is retracted.

Complementing PHI will be a 118ft shadow vessel, that will carry the owner’s limousine (as well as many other toys) owner’s limousine tender will have Cor D. Rover styling but will have a more rugged, no-filler-matt-finish albeit in the same color scheme as her sister.

Both yachts are scheduled to launch later this year. Watch this space.

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