Finches are lovely birds and can be a great addition to any home. As a bird lover, you may want to encourage your finches to breed by providing a cozy home for their eggs and hatchlings. A nest box is indispensable for the breeding process of your finches. However, choosing the right nest box can be tricky, especially if you are just starting.


The material of the nest box you choose for your finches is critical. It must be non-toxic and safe for your birds. If you opt for a wooden nest box, it should be of excellent quality and sure to withstand external elements such as rain. Plastic is also a suitable option, given that it is durable and easy to clean. It is essential to avoid using galvanized metal as this material can be zinc coated, which can harm your finches.


Finches require a nest box that is a comfortable fit for their size. A sizeable nest box can discourage your finches from nesting, while a small nest box can be too cramped and not provide enough space for eggs and hatchlings. The general rule of thumb is that the nest box should be a minimum of 4 inches square and 8 inches high. This size provides enough space for two finches and their eggs.


The nest box must be located in a suitable spot for your finches. It should be placed in an area that is close enough for your birds to get to it comfortably. However, it should also be positioned far enough away from the birds’ everyday activity area, so they aren’t disturbed. You could place the nest box near a window that lets in natural light, or you could hang it on a wall. Whichever location you choose, ensure that your birds have quick access to the nest box.

Entry Hole

Entry holes are essential features of nest boxes, and they come in different sizes. The size of your entry hole depends on the species of your finches. For example, a zebra finch’s entry hole should be 1 ½ inches, while a Gouldian finch’s entry hole should be 2 inches in diameter. The entry hole should be fitted with a cap to protect your birds from cold drafts or rain.

Easy to Clean

A Nest box that is easy to clean is essential for the health of your finches. A poorly maintained nest box can lead to the spread of disease and egg binding in female finches, not to mention causing an unpleasant smell. You should opt for a nest box with an easy-to-clean design, such as a removable tray or slide-out bottom. Additionally, check to see if the nest box is waterproof, and if it has any ventilation features.


Choosing the right nest box is an essential step in ensuring that your finches have an ideal environment for breeding. When selecting the suitable nest box for your finches, remember to consider the material, size, location, entry hole, and ease of cleaning.

Once you have found the perfect nest box combination for your birds, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your finches thrive in their new home.