Canaries have been bred for hundreds of years for their beautiful songs and striking colors. In recent years, a unique type of canary has been gaining popularity – the Lizard canary. This exquisite bird features a fascinating and intricate feather pattern that sets it apart from other canaries.

In this post, we will dive deeper into the world of Lizard canaries and discover what makes them such a special and sought-after pet.


Lizard canaries first appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1920s and have since gained a following across Europe and the Americas. The Lizard canary is a type of canary, not a separate species, and belongs to the group of canaries known as color-bred. The Lizard canary is mostly appreciated for its intricate feather pattern known as the “lizard” or “spangled” effect, which is unique to this breed. The feather pattern is characterized by a series of small concentric-shaped markings, or scales, that are specially bred, so they grow longer and longer over time. Lizard canaries also come in different colors, ranging from green to yellow, bronze, and silver.


One of the remarkable things about the Lizard canary is their singing ability. They are known to have a lovely song, which is melodic and soothing. A lot of bird enthusiasts enjoy the Lizard canary for this reason. However, while they can be trained to learn new songs, breeding goals of perfection on feather pattern and markings have eclipsed their singing skills, so the Lizard canary is primarily enjoyed for its beauty more than its song.


When it comes to caring for Lizard canaries, they require much the same treatment as any other canary. They require fresh water, food, and air with adequate spacing and exercising. However, Lizard canaries do require more maintenance than some other breeds, and it’s recommended to provide them with proper grooming, which entails periodically trimming their feathers and keeping their beaks in good condition. Frequent inspections to ensure they aren’t plucking their own feathers or engaging in other self-destructive behaviors is also critical.


The popularity of Lizard canaries is growing, especially among bird lovers who value their uniqueness and intricate markings, and their ability to accentuate any room’s aesthetics. Lizard canaries are becoming increasingly common at bird shows, where they’re admired for their feather patterns. The Lizard canary is a stunning bird that can make for an excellent companion pet for bird lovers who are seeking something a little different than the beloved “song canaries.”


Lizard canaries are a relatively new type of canary that are becoming increasingly popular among bird enthusiasts. They are appreciated for their unique and intricate feather pattern, which is unlike any other canary breed. While Lizard canaries do require more attention when it comes to maintaining their plumage, they are relatively low-maintenance pets overall. They can be a great option for those who desire birds as pets beyond the popular song canaries. The Lizard canary’s song is also a pleasant surprise for those who appreciate birds with pretty melodies.

Whether for their beauty or their singing skills, Lizard canaries are truly remarkable birds and are a fantastic addition to any bird lover’s home.