If you are planning to bring finches as pets, it’s important to choose the right cage for them. Finches are pretty easy to care for but choosing a cage that accommodates their needs is the first step. After all, this space will be their home for the rest of their days. There are many options available on the market, whether in bird stores or online.

But how do you decide which cage is the best fit for your feathered friends?

Size is an Important Factor to Consider

In general, finches are small birds, but they still need plenty of space to fly and move around. It’s essential to choose a cage that’s large enough to accommodate their needs. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 24x18x18 in. is recommended for a pair of finches. If you’re planning to have more than two finches, you’ll need to scale up the size of the cage appropriately.


The material that the cage is made of is another important factor. Generally speaking, cages made of stainless steel or wrought iron are known to be the best. They’re sturdy, durable and easy to clean. Avoid cages made of wood or bamboo since finches can quickly chew through them and escape. Choose a cage with solid metal or wire mesh bars since they allow proper ventilation.

Bar Spacing

Another important factor to consider is the spacing between the bars. Finches are small birds, and they can easily escape through wider bars. Opt for cages with a bar spacing of ½ inch or less. This will ensure that your birds are safe and secure inside their cage.

Perches and Accessories

Apart from providing a comfortable space for your feathered friends, it’s also essential to add perches and accessories. Perches are essential since finches like to perch. They’ll also provide opportunities to exercise for your bird’s feet. Apart from perches, also include food and water dishes, toys, ladders, and swings. You can also consider adding a nest box if you’re planning to breed finches.


Finches poop frequently, and their cages can get dirty quickly. Buy a cage that’s easy to clean and maintain. Choose a cage with removable trays to make the cleaning process less cumbersome. You’ll also want to ensure that the cage has enough space for you to easily access all areas.


Buying the right cage for your finches is the first step in creating a comfortable and safe living space for them. Choosing a cage, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By considering factors like cage size, the material it’s made of, bar spacing, and adding perches and accessories, you can choose a cage that matches your bird’s needs. Remember to choose a cage that’s easy to clean, maintain and provides your finches with enough space to fly, jump, and play.

With your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll easily choose a suitable cage, and your feathered friends will enjoy their new and comfortable home.